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*An Event Coming up on the 5th of March* open to men & women (fully Segregated) covering an *Eyewitness Report From Turkey/Syria Earthquake Volunteers*

Guest of Honour
*Mufti Abdur Rahman Mangera*
Will be delivering a lecture.

*Inspirational Nasheeds*

*Live interviews with Survivors in Turkey, discussing ways to help*

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Tragedy has struck as a devastating earthquake has shaken Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, and surrounding areas. The toll of human loss is staggering, with over 40,000 + confirmed deaths and countless others missing.

The earthquake has left communities in shambles, as 5000 buildings lay in ruins and families are forced to flee to the streets in fear.
Alianah Welfare In conjunction with emergency responders will be working on the ground to bring aid and support to those affected.

We implore you to join us in our mission to provide comfort and assistance to those in dire need. Every donation counts and makes a life-saving impact. Please, donate now and help bring hope to those in the aftermath of this disaster.

Donate now on:
(Please donate via general donation link (where most needed).
Please include a note to state Turkey Earthquake Appeal

£30 Family Food Pack / Full Truck Load 1000 Packs = £30,000

£10 Hot meals Full Truck Load £10,000

£100 home essentials / Full Container £35,000

100% Donation Policy, All funds will be distributed by The Alianah Team on the ground.

Ways to donate:

Bank Transfer:
Acc Name: Alianah
Bank: Barclays
Bank Acc: 73301079
Sort Code: 20-49-17

OR Donate online by card or Paypal visit https://www.alianah.org

Cash Drop off @ Alianah charity shop, Jame corner,
66 Asfordby street LE5 3QG, ( _Opposite Jamea Masjid_)

For more info contact: 07707753378

_reg charity: Thurmaston Educational Trust 1160076_

_Jazakallahu khaira_

Registered Charity: 1160076 (Thurmaston Educational Trust)


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Al-Ianah Humanity Welfare is a new relief and development team that calls out for caring for others and changing their lives for the better.

We are a small new organisation gradually growing in the UK, Bulgaria, Asia and Africa. We provide humanitarian aid that saves and transforms lives worldwide. Al-Ianah means to help, support and aid. By providing aid and support to individuals and communities in need, we receive the much needed help and assistance from our creator Allah the Almighty. Our sole motive is to help humanity for the pleasure of The Almighty Allah.

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