*Qurbani 2022*

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Full Cow 7 Shares £110

Your Qurbani will be done by senior Ulama and our experienced team in west Bengal India. Updates will be provided on this platform after Eid. Inshallah. Please do not forget to add your name for Qurbani references. Jazakallahu khaira 

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Charity no: Thurmaston Educational Trust 1160076

Assalaamu alaikum ww

Inshallah I will be travelling to Bulgaria this Friday with a group of 6 brothers for our New Masjid,Madrasah and Welfare projects.

Request for duas, May Allah accept us all for the khidmatof His Deen

Your Zakat Sadaqah lillah donations will be distributed personally.

We also aim to help in renevation of a historic Masjid, a 600 Year old Ancient Ottoman Jami Masjid, currently reopened for Salah and tourist Alhamdulillah.

*Ways to donate*
Bank Transfer:
Acc Name: Alianah
Bank: Barclays
Bank Acc: 73301079
Sort Code: 20-49-17
Ref: Bulgaria

Donate online by visiting https://www.alianah.org

or directly to PayPal, https://www.paypal.com/donate?hosted_button_id=8BQDWEGCEEWY6

Or you can drop of cash at our charity shop at 66 Asfordby  street LE53QG.

(Alianah HUMANITY WELFARE / Jame Corner, please state donation for Bulgaria)

We are located
*Opposite jame Masjid Leicester*

Alternatively at *Masjid Muhammad صلي الله عليه وسلم*
5 Claymill Road LE4 9JJ Thurmaston Leicester

For more details you contact myself on 07707743378

You can follow details of this trip on https://www.facebook.com/moralmotivations/

Z Mohomed




Do you want to join us in making a difference?

Al-ianah Humanity Welfare is Facilitating Naat and Hamd Gatherings in Masjid accross UK This Ramadan in Aid of Al-ianah Humanity Welfare Projects.

Help us Build Masjids and Madrasahs in Bulgaria, We are raising 50k This Tour To build a Masjid in Bulgaria.

All we need is 50 Masjids to contribute £500 or 50 Programme attendees per masjid contribute only £25 to reach our Targets easily.

We are building a masjid and an islamic Center in the city of Plovdiv Bulgaria. We will be providing Education, Welfare & Medical aid services to the 4000 Muslim Bulgarian families in the New Masjid Area.

Every donation will help.
Jazakallahu khaira in advance for your contribution to this noble cause that means so much to Hafiz Saheb and the Al-ianah Humanity Welfare Team.

Please Donate Generously and Share it with family, friends and Programme attendees.
For More Projects, visit http://www.alianah.org

As we enjoy the comfort of our homes and Fresh hot food in our plates daily. Let us remember those children and Elderly who are facing this Ramadan in severe conditions. Just a small sum of our coffee cup or light snack, can fill the belly of a family for iftar. Let us donate generously. Why not be part of the duas the Needy Muslims of Bulgaria and Gaza, and other regions. Donate Generously.

A Food Pack of only £30, will enable family with essential food throughout the month.

*Hot daily meals will also be distributed for a minimal sum of £3.50 per day.

May Allah grant Us all the Best of Ramadans and bless us with the rewards of those that are fasting around the globe. Keep us the duas of His pious servants. Ameen 

*Ways to donate*

Bank Transfer
Name: Alianah
Bank: Barclays
Bank Acc: 73301079
Sort Code: 20-49-17
Reference: R foodpack

*Online by PayPal or card*

For cash & Cheque drop offs @

Jame Corner, 66a Asfordby street LE5 3QG.

Cheques Payable to Alianah, or Thurmaston Educational Trust.

_Jazakallahu khaira_

Registered Charity: 1160076 (Thurmaston Educational Trust)

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Emergency Aid Relief Gaza

Water Tanks Distribution Gaza



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Al-Ianah Humanity Welfare is a new relief and development team that calls out for caring for others and changing their lives for the better.

We are a small new organisation gradually growing in the UK, Bulgaria, Asia and Africa. We provide humanitarian aid that saves and transforms lives worldwide. Al-Ianah means to help, support and aid. By providing aid and support to individuals and communities in need, we receive the much needed help and assistance from our creator Allah the Almighty. Our sole motive is to help humanity for the pleasure of The Almighty Allah.

Our Current Projects and Appeals

Ways To Donate to Our Projects

Masjid Qari Qasim

Masjid Qari Qasim

Masjid Muhammad - Thurmaston

Masjid Muhammad - Thurmaston

Kribul Masjid

Kribul Masjid

Orphan Sponsorship

Orphan Sponsorship

Masjidul Khair Bulgaria

Masjidul Khair Bulgaria