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About Us

Saving Souls and facilitating a brighter future!

Al-Ianah Humanity Welfare is a new relief and development team that calls out for caring for others and changing their lives for the better.

We are a small new organisation gradually growing in the UK, Bulgaria, Asia and Africa. We provide humanitarian aid that saves and transforms lives worldwide.

Al-Ianah means to help, support and aid. By providing aid and support to individuals and communities in need, we receive the much needed help and assistance from our creator Allah the Almighty.

Our vision

Our sole motive is to help humanity for the pleasure of The Al-Mighty Allah.

Our mission

Our aim is to be a global humanitarian and development organisation.

  • We help save lives
  • Assist in alleviating poverty
  • Aid in transforming and empowering local communities to live independently and preserving morality and virtue of their daily lives.
Our values

We are a faith-based organisation inspired by Islamic values.

Why are our values important?

As a faith-based organisation, Al-Ianah Humanity Welfare’s values are unique.They define how we are privileged when we serve our beneficiaries and provide us with values of how we conduct ourselves with our donors and our colleagues. They are vital in helping us to achieve our vision and increase the effectiveness of our organisation .

Al-Ianah stands for the cause of justice. We work to eradicate poverty and living meaningless lives across the globe and ensure that all are treated with compassion and respect.


Al-Ianah Humanity Welfare, will consistently strive for excellence.We aim to excel in all that we do in order to achieve the greatest reward from The Al-Mighty Allah and provide the most effective aid to those who are suffering worldwide.

Accountability and transparency

We believe in being open and honest about our work, exploring the challenges we face and sharing our successes. Good communication, regular feedback and the ability to admit failure are essential features of a transparent organisation. Our stakeholders need to be confident that they are informed about how we use our resources and accomplish our goals.


Compassion is created by Allah and it’s a humane quality of providing quality relief to the pain of others. Compassion is what transmits to all of our staff and beneficiaries to keep the global environment filled with mercy. The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam Said, He who does not respect our elderly and show mercy to our young (weak) is not from amongst us. We give freely with no hidden motives, and we provide comfort to those in distress no matter who they are.


Living and working justly means treating others as you would wish to be treated yourself. We believe in distributing aids equally, regardless of faith, race or gender. We strive to demonstrate the great values of Islam to aid every individual in difficulty.


Al-Ianah Humanity Welfare seeks to empower everyone who has contact with our organisation, from the stakeholders and beneficiaries to our employees in all countries. We strive to create an environment where our employees can grow, develop and take initiative in their work. By creating a ‘learning culture’ around the aid we distribute, we can empower our beneficiaries to become self-sufficient and meet sustainable development goals.

Trust and respect

Al-Ianah Humanity Welfare promotes trust, respect and courtesy amongst our donors, partners, employees and beneficiaries. We seek to honour each individual impacted by our organisation and the environment in which we all live.

Region Coverage
  • United Kingdom
  • Europe (Currently in Bulgaria)
  • Asia
  • Africa (Currently in Zimbabwe)
  • Middle East

Al-Ianah Humanity Welfare’s primary focus of work is the region of Balkans and specifically Bulgaria together with working in regions of Africa, Zimbabwe, Asia and assisting in relief aid to regions of the middle east.

  1. Orphans and Widows Sponsorship
  2. Helping the homeless and vulnerable
  3. Providing relief aid
  4. Developing Masajids, Makatib, Darul Ulooms and Academic Institutes
  5. Setting up food banks
  6. Medical Aid and developments
  7. Helping the disabled and aged
  8. Dawah Projects
  9. Water wells
  10. Housing and orphanage Developments