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Kribul Masjid

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The village of Filipovo is located in South West Bulgaria and is included in the Bansko Municipality. The village of Filipovo is a classic example of a traditional Bulgarian village. It has the basic amenities such as a village shop.

This village consists of approximately 400 Families mostly who are native Bulgarian Muslims. There is only one masjid in this village which is rarely visited by members of the community due to its lack of basic facilities. In extreme cold temperatures there isn’t adequate facility for warm water, hence wudhu is done with cold water. There is also no wudhu facility or toilets within the masjid building.

Alianah Humanity Welfare members, after personally visiting Filipovo have taken this upon themselves to build a wudhu area, toilets and provide warm water facilities.

With your help and support, Al-Ianah Humanity Welfare can bring comfort to the people of Filipovo and allow them to frequent the masjid for Salah. The cost of this project is only £4,000.

Please kindly help us by donating towards this project and helping us to fundraise for this project.

Update – March 2019