Ramadan UK Tour 2024

Inspiring Talks, Sunnah Reviving Naats & Nasheeds

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Al-ianah Humanity Welfare Tour Team

Every Year Ramadan We are privileged to bring amazing Programmes, Of Qiraat, Inspiring Talks, Naats & Nasheeds to over 60 plus Masjids in Uk. Reviving the Ramadan Spirit in the hearts and minds of 1000s of people.

60+ Masajid Programmes

Keeping in mind tenets regular practices of Ahlus Sunnah Wal'jama'ah

Lectures Delivered By Qualified Scholars

Inspirations of Iman and Yaqeen drawn from The Qur'an & Sunnah, Live of Sahabah and Pious Predecessors. 

Tarteel, Qira'at By world Renown Qurra,

Qurra from Egypt, South Africa, Malaysia and Saidi Arabia

Heat Randering Hamd, Naat and Nasheeds by world famous artists.

Reviving The Sunnah Of Hassan Bin Thabit Radhiyallahu Anhu each Ramadan, with Islamic poetry Thikr and Salawaat.

Hafiz Abu Bakr Haeidery

Famouse Naat and Nasheed Reciter (Pakistan)

Maulana Zakariyya Muhammed

Imam and Orator, Founder of Al-ianah (South Africa)

Maulana Muhammed Iftikhar

Imam and Orator (United Kingdom)

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First 10 Nights, Nights Of Mercy

Second 10 nights of Forgiveness

Last 10 night of Freedom from the Fire


Successful Events


Projects Completed


Masjids Built



30 Events This Ramadan, Book Your Event Early!
A-ianah Humanity Welfare as the name says, is a humanitarian organisation set up mainly to help people in Bulgaria, Now it is known to work globally. To support the needy. the ill and poor, The Al-ianah Team will be holding Fundraising appeals at all events and masjids booked. lookout for our marquee tent.

Al-ianah Humanity Welfare

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