Support our Zambia Appeal to make a direct impact on communities in need. Your donations provide essential food parcels, construct homes, sponsor orphans with education and essentials, and fund income-generating projects like bicycles, sewing machines, and mini shops. Together, we can create lasting change and empower individuals and families towards a brighter future.

Food Parcels - £30
Help provide essential food parcels to families in need. For just £30, you can ensure that a family receives the nutrition they desperately need to sustain themselves during challenging times.

Homes Construction - £1,500
Contribute to the construction of new homes for those without shelter. Your donation of £1,500 can provide a safe and secure home for a family, offering them dignity and stability.

Orphan Sponsorship - £40 per month (£480 annually - feedback provided)
Sponsor an orphan for £40 per month or £480 annually. Your support provides education supplies, food, and clothes to orphans in need. You will receive feedback on how your sponsorship is making a difference in their lives.

Income Generating Projects - Bicycles - £140
Support income-generating projects by donating £140 for a bicycle. This enables individuals to travel for work and generate income, improving their quality of life and promoting self-sufficiency.

Income Generating Projects - Sewing Machines - £140
Help individuals start their own tailoring businesses by donating £140 for a sewing machine. This empowers them to earn a livelihood, supporting their families and contributing to the local economy.

Income Generating Projects - Mini Shops - £1,200
Contribute £1,200 to set up a mini shop for an individual or family. This provides a stable source of income and helps them achieve financial independence, improving their overall quality of life.

You can donate above or visit the Al-Ianah office. We accept Zakat, Sadaqah, and Lillah. Your support is a lifeline for those in need. Jazak’Allah Khair for your compassion and generosity, may Allah reward you.

Let’s stand together in solidarity and provide hope in these challenging times.